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Keep Your Website Fresh With Regular, Optimized Blog Posts

Your company’s blog has the potential to be your most powerful source of web traffic and, ultimately, customers – but only if you do things the right way, with SEO in mind.

Our blogging services remove the guesswork and provide you with a steady stream of original, quality content on a monthly basis – all without the need for you to worry about managing writers or conducting content research on your own.


Why Should You Blog On Your Website?

For business sites, the only reason to blog is to help increase the relevance of your site so you appear in search!  An added benefit to the user is tht regular blogging tells your site’s visitors that you’re active and dedicated to your company’s development. This makes them more likely to buy what you’re selling and share your website around to their friends.

Search engines love to see fresh relevant content on your website but never try to game the system by creating spam content, they can tell if you're trying create content written for google.  You'll end up turning users off because it's really hard to read and doesn't provide any value to the user.

Content should be created by professional writers along with SEO experts like us here at The Branding Agency – we always follow Google's best practices.

Businesses that get this right can steadily increase their rankings and generate reliable monthly traffic form users that are proactively looking for their products or services.


Trust The SEO Experts At The Branding Agency

As great as blogging can be for your business, it can also be very damaging if you use improper practices that end up damaging your site’s SEO. To complicate things further, the rules are constantly changing, making it difficult for many business owners to stay on top of things while worrying about their core business’ function.

Let us at The Branding Agency worry about that. It’s our business; letting us focus on it will help you get back to focusing on yours!


A Fully-Researched, Thought-Out Blogging Strategy

Before we begin writing blog posts for your website, we conduct research on the terms and topics that you need to rank for. This helps us pinpoint the topics that will give you the best bang for your buck when it comes to attracting the right audience.

Ready to Get Started?

Blogging Services From The Branding Agency – What Does The Service Include?

  • With Plan A, you’ll receive:
    -Two blog posts per month (750 to 1,000 words each)
    -Local SEO planning (claiming Google My Business, etc)
    -Content calendar management
  • With Plan B, you’ll receive:
    -Four blog posts per month (750 to 1,000 words each)
    -Local SEO planning (claiming Google My Business, etc)
    -Content calendar management