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Social Media
Management for
Small Business

Your own social media team—starting at just $599 per month.

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Seamlessly Plan & Publish Content Across Networks

SOCIAL media management has never been easier for small businesses!

Your business’ social media is often the pathway through which potential customers are introduced to your website. It’s an important first impression.

The Branding Agency’s social media management service creates and executes a specialized social media marketing plan that drives referral traffic and effectively increases brand awareness.

We draft, schedule, and post custom content to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Plus, we’ll track and measure your social performance with profile and post-level data through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram analytics. 

Key services include:

    • Dedicated campaign management
    • Customized post content
    • One-on-one writing services (and consultation throughout the publishing process
    • A fully planned social media content calendar
    • Monthly social media reporting and metrics tracking
    • Access to our own eClicher account 
    • Custom graphics 
    • Access to quality, high-resolution stock images

Plus, partnering with The Branding Agency means you’ll receive in-depth and ongoing social media support and consulting:



A winning publishing strategy on social media requires more than great content. Timing and execution also play a critical role. Without the right tools to effectively plan, organize and manage your social campaigns, even the most creative and engaging posts can fall flat. Luckily, our publishing suite can help.



We provide a powerful suite of social media analytics tools and can tailor your reports in a way that makes sense to your business. We also give you an opportunity to take a high- or a low-level view across networks or specific profiles.

View aggregate or individual post stats for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+ content all in one place—including clicks, reach, and engagement.

Powerful Instagram analytics tools measure follower growth, analyze engagement ratios, and dig deeper into trends in your hashtag usage and the resulting audience engagement.



Social media clearly has an ROI on several key levels. And that’s why aiming for thousands of social media followers isn’t about vanity. It’s about real business.

Social media has undeniably changed the way brands and customers communicate.

Any small business, no matter the size, can extract real value out of social engagement, publishing, and analytics.

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