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Digital Marketing Basics - Your 4 StepGuide to Online Success

Many small & mid sized companies are often surprised to hear that paying for targeted web traffic is a must-do. But, it is true! Any US metropolitan location it’s essential that you invest in a paid traffic strategy for your online business. Without it, your competition might be leaving you in the dust, when it comes to conversions.

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Website Maintenance: The Importance of Keeping Your Site Secure

You may have the best site, with great SEO optimization, stellar content, and innovative design. But, if you’ve not updated your site security, hackers, Google penalties and fees, and more can negatively impact your web presence and your business’ success.

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How a Website Audit Can Unlock a Higher Google Ranking

SEO, or  "search engine optimization”, is the process of enhancing your website to catch more organic or unpaid traffic from Google search engine results. Successfully managing this process can be the make-or-break practice for getting your site seen by possible clients. Without good SEO, folks won’t find your site when looking for similar businesses. But, with successful SEO, search engines will find you when scanning the web and serve your site in top search results (a process often referred to as “crawling”). 

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Improve Your Website Performance with Google Search Console

As a small business owner, it is essential to have a solid web presence. Your  digital storefront is your online calling card, and ensuring your site is designed well and optimized for maximum exposure is integral to people finding (and hiring!) you and your services. 

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We are an alternative to the high priced traditional advertising firms & the low buck mills that can not offer customized services.

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