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The 7 foundations of a great web experience

For businesses today, there’s nothing quite as important as a successful website. It’s your calling card, your direct line of communication with customers, your portfolio, and so much more. Without a site that connects with and retains visitors, you’re losing out on a huge part of your customer base. And, for many businesses in this post-pandemic, safely social-distanced era, having an online presence is what keeps business afloat.

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5 Ways to Make Your Blog Pull in More Traffic

Headlines are like the exit signs noting when to slow down and get off the highway for your destination. Much like those important road signs, the words you use in your headlines (or H1s) need to be colorful, prominent, and eyecatching—or you risk folks not seeing you and racing on by. This is why headlines are so essential. The words you choose will make or break your content and can directly influence the success of your business.

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Understanding Google Search Algorithms: 6 Key Elements to Consider

With the ease and convenience of the internet at our fingertips, we have access to a seemingly infinite amount of information every day. However,  finding exactly what you’re looking for online can sometimes be a bit of a trick. That’s why Google Search algorithms are so essential. Without them, it can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack (or hayfield!).

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Keeping online businesses alive during COVID

Little did any of us know in early 2020, all of our collective futures would take such an unprecedented turn. Many of us buckled down for what we thought would be a somewhat short disruption to our day-to-day lives and modifications to how we run our businesses. But, as the weeks turned to months—and the months have now passed the one-year mark—we’re beginning to understand the impacts this global pandemic will have on the future of doing business.

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