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Charlotte, NC - What Supreme Court ruling on sports betting means?

On Monday, May 14th the Supreme Court ruled the state ban on sports betting is unconstitutional by a vote of  7-2. You can read the entire Supreme Court case HERE.

The ruling gives each state & individual jurisdictions permission to decide whether they want to allow sports gambling inside their borders. Sports Gambling throughout the United States is inevitable & this is LONG overdue!

How to find authentic Buffalo style chicken wings in The Queen City

 Growing up in the Midwest it wasn’t hard to find authentic Buffalo style chicken wings. As northerners continuing to move South, finding authentic Buffalo style chicken wings in a city like Charlotte is much more difficult than I thought. Today with all the new flavors & varieties  most people  just ask for “Wings” 

How dare they take the Buffalo style out of wings???

8 Secrets about Nitro Cold Brewed Coffee

Simple pleasures in life…..COFFEE, the first cup ritual each morning is pure pleasure. 15 minutes designated alone each morning as I collect my thoughts. I hardly ever rush it…..sip then sit, sip then sit, silence as my brain starts to work. In a matter of minutes my work day resonates, it takes shape mentally, now I have clarity & structure for a productive day.

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