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School shootings are on the rise and North Carolina is taking action

School shootings are on the rise and North Carolina is taking action.

Since the shootings at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, there have been at least 239 school shootings nationwide and 138 killings in those shootings.  With 23 shootings in the first 21 weeks of 2018, it is safe to say that schools are certainly on notice that they should be implementing measures to prevent shootings.

According to Charlotte, NC civil litigation attorney Lori Keeton, North Carolina legislators are considering a variety of options to attempt to address the issue in NC schools.

Charlotte Local Edition - Home Buyers Guide | The Charlotte real estate market is hot!

Location, location, location….The Charlotte real estate market is hot!

....and no wonder…according to a recent report by PwC and the Urban Land Institute, Charlotte is the third most attractive real estate market in America.

Charlotte Local Edition - Simonelli Family brought their NYC style pizza to Charlotte, NC


BBQ is to North Carolina as Pizza is to NYC.  But who’s to say you can’t bring NYC pizza to NC?

Well, that’s exactly what the Simonelli Family did – they brought their delicious NYC style pizza to Charlotte, NC.

Roseanne Barr - Right to be Racist?

Can you lose your job over a tweet?  Just ask Roseanne Barr.

You can wage in on whether or not you think Barr’s tweet was racist or not.  The majority of us would say hands down, yes. Some would beg to differ, but not many.  But, in any event, people are enraged. And so is ABC Entertainment.

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