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NODA – The NEW hippest area in Charlotte

NoDa (short for “North Davidson”), which area surrounds North Davidson and 36th streets, is the NEW hippest area in Charlotte, approximately two miles north of the Charlotte city limits.  This area shares the same geography as Historic North Charlotte which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

2018 Top 5 Restaurants in Charlotte, NC

Food anyone?  Hungry? Look no further, we have you covered.

Here are the Top 5 restaurants in Charlotte, NC according to TripAdvisor , Yelp and Zagat.  

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10 Best Websites to Find the Best and Top Real Estate Agents in Charlotte, NC

So, who are the best and top real estate agents in Charlotte, NC?


Well, the work has already been done by several websites.  Below is a list of 10 websites you can use to find your top real estate agents, based on your needs (buying or selling, or both), your location, your price point, and other relevant factors.

Starbucks to close 150 stores- how will Charlotte be affected?

Starbucks plans to close an estimated 150 locations by the end of 2019 in “densely penetrated markets”….and that could mean closures in the Charlotte metro area.

Charlotte?  No more Starbucks?

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