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Why you need to have an annual Google Analytics review/audit by an expert

What would you give to rank 1st for “near me” searches for your business? How about to see almost a 200% increase in organic traffic


These are pretty stunning results for a year over year review, and it isn’t unheard of to see major leaps in YOY performance if you take the time and effort to be strategic about your end of year analysis. 

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A small investment with BIG results for local SEO.

With most people getting around in cars, the concept of “foot traffic” seems to be weakening.

Instead, the “near me” search on Google is filling in the gap and driving traffic to local businesses. 

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The baseline data you need before launching an SEO campaign

If you plan to optimize your website for SEO the time is now to kick off that project. 

Many companies wait to set up detailed tracking until they’re ready to launch their marketing strategy. 

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The only way to market CBD online

The CBD market is exploding. 

In a newly released report from Brightfield, they predicted year-over-year CBD product sales growth in the United States of 706% in 2019 to around $5 billion -- not a typo – and sales of $23.7 billion by 2023. 

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