What Is a Good Aherfs Rank and What Does It Mean?

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Aherfs Rank (AR) is a rating given to all websites present in a database in terms of their backlink profile size and quality. The best Aherfs Rank is #1 held by Facebook. Multiple high-quality backlinks improve a webpage’s domain rating which boosts the website’s Aherfs rank.

Ranking a website is like how we rank popular celebrities. Instead of using the metric of how many individuals know about a person, we use links on the web called backlinks.

A backlink is when a page contains a link to another page, this metric is an indication of its popularity.

However, all web pages are not equal and when it comes to backlinks quality always wins over quantity.

To improve your website to rank its Aherfs Rank and Domain Rating needs to have well-balanced backlink integration. A good Aherfs rank would ideally be closer to the number 1 spot. As your rank gets closer to the top spot you will receive more traffic to your website.

A website rank is the position of a page in a list of results returned by a Search Engine for a specific keyword searched. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategy that aims to achieve higher page positions on a search result by targeting a specific keyword. This increases the likelihood of more users visiting that particular website while searching online.

Facebook currently holds the top spot in website ranking, followed closely by Twitter in the second spot, and YouTube is at the third highest rank.

You may wonder if it is possible to get the #1 Aherfs Rank?


You may wonder if it is possible to get the #1 Aherfs Rank

Technically Aherfs Rank is a relative metric, websites do not lose backlinks with time. To maintain your website rank you need to keep adding more backlinks. To overtake a competitor’s website, you must add more backlinks to it. Therefore, you can achieve #1 AR, but websites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube have their staff working around the clock to maintain their rating making it harder to dethrone them.

This is the reason that even websites with a steady backlink profile growth might be losing their rank. The faster your backlink profile grows, the more your website rank increases.

Aherfs rating helps users understand why their competitors are at a higher rank, and what can they do to get a better-ranking website to outrank them.

AR is volatile at the lower end of the spectrum. It is because very few websites in the world have more than a million backlinks. However, this also means that even one new backlink can prove substantial in improving your AR over thousands of websites with no backlinks.

However, backlinks are far from the main piece of the puzzle when it comes to a higher rank. Several other factors come into play in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). For example

The ‘Strength’ of your website: 

Some websites might be able to rank easily for the most competitive keywords, while a new website might not do so well even for keywords that are not so competitive.

The ‘Quality’ of your page: 

It is no surprise that a page jumbled with data and bad readability will be ranked below an exquisitely written, organized, and detailed page.

What domain rank is considered good?


What domain rank is considered good

As we have previously explained, a good Aherfs Rank is dependent upon the domain ranking of a website. A Domain Authority score below 50 is generally considered average, while a score above 60 is considered premium. Ideally, your domain rank should be between 50 and 60 to be considered good.

The domain score of a website can be improved by:

  • Integrating higher quality backlinks from authoritative websites.
  • Improving internal links on your website.
  • Augmenting, and optimizing your existing website user experience, and performance.
  • Writing content that looks natural and can be hyperlinked.
  • Performing an audit on your website to identify and remove bad links.
  • Improving how your website is structured and using UI/UX designs for a more modern appearance.

In conclusion, a website’s Ahrefs Rank is dependent upon several factors. Ahrefs is an accurate platform to improve your rating. It provides you with all the tools you need to improve your SEO game. It is constantly improving and adding new innovative features to help you achieve greatness.

Ahrefs is fit for beginners and experienced digital marketers across the globe. It is also one of the cheapest options available to make your marketing efforts flourish.

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