What Does It Mean to Monetize Your Website?

by | Aug 23, 2022

Web monetization is income generated by using your website traffic. In the simplest of definitions, website monetization is the process of generating revenue using the value you provide to your users through a website. In this modern age of gigabit internet connections, successful companies and businesses are making use of websites to create a passive income. 

To further explain, websites are monetized by using a PPC (pay per click), CPI (cost per install), or CPM (cost per mile or thousand impressions) advertisement model. But, web monetization instead uses SPSP (simple payments setup protocol) and ILP/STREAM (or an integrated logistics plan over which data and funds can be transported, or streamed). This allows reliable sending of money and data, while still being flexible.

There are plentiful ways to monetize your website. Some of the most popular and successful  website monetization tactics include:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling ad space
  • Ad networks
  • Selling digital products and using content lockers
  • Using sponsored posts
  • Generating leads for other businesses through email lists
  • Developing an eCommerce platform
  • Pop-Up, audio, video, RSS feed ads, or monetization widgets
  • Flipping websites for profit
  • Making use of monetization widgets
  • Starting a private forum or workshop
  • Hosting various polls on your website

Let’s take a closer look at each of these website monetization opportunities and what they can do for you and your business.


Affiliate marketing

Affiliate links are a great way to generate income and build rapport in your own unique business niche. You can then showcase and review products or services related to your business area and each sale made using the affiliate link will pay you a predetermined commission cost.

There are countless affiliate platforms available today to consider, as you shop for the best fit for you and your website. All these choices have their own sets of pros and cons. But, hands-down, the most cutting-edge and up-to-date option is Ezoic.

Ad networks

Direct ads can be complicated and expensive for beginners who have just stepped into the world of website monetization. An ad network is like Linkedin for finding advertisers and is a far easier alternative. After you set up your website with an advertising network, you don’t have to worry about finding affiliates or making cold calls. The ad network will automatically match with an affiliate/advertiser for a small fee.

Selling ad space

Websites are a bit like physical real estate, you can offer your web space to companies directly using a PPC or CPI method of payment. Direct ads allow you to forgo dealing with affiliate networks, ad exchanges, and ad networks by directly approaching advertisers. 

As a website publisher, you can make more money with direct ads. However, it can be trickier than using ad networks. Selling ads directly requires you to seek out potential advertisers and market your website yourself. The terms and conditions of the ad also need careful negotiation with the advertisers thus selling direct ads often requires hiring dedicated sales staff, which is not viable for small publishers.

Leveraging content lockers and selling digital products

Selling digital products like music, advanced guides, online lectures, eBooks, or software applications is one of the most ingenious ways of earning. Unlike other services where you have to create something from scratch to make a sale, you have the ability to develop one digital product and sell it an infinite number of times. 

You can also set up content lockers that block access to premium content, encouraging users to sign-up for a membership to view the content. 

Using sponsored posts

You can make sponsored posts or invite guest writers to write about your sponsors. These posts are closely related to affiliate marketing, and you get paid for no extra effort on your part. Sponsored posts can fetch a good price, depending upon your website traffic.

Generating leads for other businesses using email lists

If you run a blog or website, you’ll frequently come across email addresses of people who interact with your website. These can be collected into email lists and leveraged by other businesses as “leads”, or potential customers that are interested in a product but haven’t made a purchase yet. Selling this information is called lead generation and it is one of the most profitable ways to make a living.

Developing an eCommerce platform

You can also develop an eCommerce platform to sell different physical products for profit. Drop shipping is also a very good option to monetize your website. eCommerce stores are one of the highest revenue generating websites and allow you to also display ads for extra income. 

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Using different kinds of ads, & monetization widgets

You can place pop-up, audio, and video ads on your website to gain more revenue, but placing ads yourself does not always work out. Ads need to be optimized to actually guarantee good returns.  

Ezoic also features the ability to host and monetize your audio or video content to significantly increase your ad revenue earnings. You can also place pop-up ads and use their specialized monetization widgets to keep track of your earnings.  It is a valuable website tool that provides you full control over your website, while also serving up a positive experience for your visitors. 

Ezoic helps you balance revenue and user experience. The platform is very simple to use and an all-in-one powerhouse that guarantees a boost in your website earnings. It also supports different kinds of mobile devices, allowing you to create the perfect ad combinations for each potential device your visitors will be using. All in all, It is a better alternative than placing ads on your own, manually and optimizes your ads using machine learning to maximize ad revenue.  

Flipping websites for profit

If website building isn’t your first rodeo, you can earn a decent living with your know-how by acquiring and selling websites. Affiliate, eCommerce, membership, and drop shipping websites tend to fetch the highest prices. But, you can also sell any kind of website that might be considered digital real estate. 

According to experts from Empire Flippers, you can currently sell a well-maintained website for 30-50 times the monthly site revenue.

Websites are valued based on factors like: 

  • Your website’s niche
  • The monetization model of choice
  • Your monthly revenue to expense ratio
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) figures
  • Your website’s conversion rate
  • Social media following

Website monetization takeaways

Website monetization is a great way to make money efficiently in these chaotic times of high inflation. Your monetization strategy is linked to the stage of the business life cycle, we hope using the information mentioned in this article will help you choose the right one for your website. 

For even more tips and resources, be sure to read our ultimate website monetization guide or get in touch with us today for a free consultation.

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