Plaza Midwood – History & Things to do

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Plaza Midwood is a great eclectic neighborhood located about one-mile northeast of Uptown in Charlotte, NC.  The town provides some amazing restaurants, art galleries, fantastic stores and superb bars. South of Central Avenue, there is a 19 acre park called Veterans Park.


So, where to head this weekend?  Plaza Midwood!!


History of Plaza Midwood


The town was first established in 1910 and declined during the Great Depression as did many small towns in the United States.


The trolley, built in the early 1920s, ran along Central Avenue to The Plaza and down Mecklenburg Avenue to the Mecklenburg Country Club, now known as the Charlotte Country Club.

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In 1992, the Plaza, Thomas Avenue and portions of Pecan Avenue, Central Avenue, Mimosa Avenue and Clement were designated as a Local Historic District which area is now regulated by the Historic District Commission.


The town has come back recently as reinvestments and money have been pumped into fixing up old dwelling places and surrounding neighborhoods.

When money is spent, things change.


The value of homes has gone up over the years.  The median listing price for homes in Plaza Midwood is approximately $500,000.  Some of the hottest places to live are Center City, Southeast Charlotte, Uptown, Eastside and Elizabeth.


Things to do in Plaza Midwood


Plaza Midwood is home to several places of interest, successful businesses, delicious restaurants:


  1. Dish restaurant at 1220 Thomas Ave – (704) 344-0343
  2. Resident Culture Brewing at 2101 Central Ave – (704) 333-1862
  3. Moo & Brew at 1300 Central Ave – (980) 585-4148
  4. Pint Central at 1226 Central Ave – (980) 237-9108
  5. The Hop Shop at 818 Lamar Ave. – (980) 859-7549
  6. The Diamond restaurant at 1901 Commonwealth Ave. – (704) 375-8959
  7. Midwood Smokehouse at 1500 Central Ave. – (704) 348-1848
  8. Soul Gastrolounge at 1500 Central Ave. – (704) 348-1848
  9. Legion Brewing at 1906 Commonwealth Ave. – (844) 467-5683
  10. The Peculiar Rabbit at 1212 Pecan Ave. – (704) 333-9197
  11. The Light Factory (museum) located at 1817 Central Avenue – (704)-333-9755
  12. Levine Museum of the New South located at 200 E 7th Street – (704)-333-1887
  13. Slate Interiors located Interiors located at 1401 Central Ave. – (704) 930-7890




Opening in August is Pour Taproom, a self-serve craft beer bar!!


Pour Taproom will be opening in Plaza Midwood and it will be the fourth one in North Carolina.

The others are in Asheville, Wilmington and Durham.


The concept of a self-serve craft beer is hot.  At Pour Taproom you will present your ID and credit card upon entry, and then receive a plastic card with a QR code linked to your credit card.  From there, you get a glass, wave your QR plastic code in front of the tap, and then fill your glass with your favorite craft beer. You can go back as often as you like (state law requires that your card be reloaded after 32 ounces of beer) and try all sorts (120 to be exact) of awesome craft beers.  Nearly half of the beers are NC beers.


It seems the opening of the Pour Taproom in Charlotte makes all the sense in the world.  So be sure to take a friend or two, and your dog (dog-friendly environment!!) and hit the self-serve craft beer bar once it opens!


Pour Taproom’s official address is 1212 Central Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28204.  It will be adjacent to Pint Central, Moo & Brew and The Hop Shop. Also, a short distance away is the Legion Brewing and Resident Culture Brewing.


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