Meet the Team: John Laurie, Digital Marketing Strategist

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John Laurie, Digital Marketing Strategist


For a marketing agency, growth is everything.

Every day we focus on providing solutions that help our clients grow their business, and more importantly, their bottom line.

You’ll often hear it said at The Branding Agency that you have to spend money to make it, and we’re living proof of that.

We’ve recently invested in growing our staff at our Ballantyne/Charlotte headquarters, this means bringing on more talented marketers ready to help you grow your business.

We’ve been able to outpace our peers in the online marketing and website development space thanks to a strong focus on customer experience. This is the guiding light that drives our business decisions and has made all the difference in our ability to expand and better serve clients like you.

Let’s face it, the online world is getting more and more crowded. It’s harder than ever to stand out from the crowd and get your business noticed.

It’s not enough to provide solutions for clients, the customer experience from day one truly matters. Your satisfaction makes all the difference because online, word of mouth is everything.

In pursuit of our mission to provide the best possible customer experience, we’ve made extra investments to have the best-trained staff & top of the line training programs. Our team, the professionals that bring their passion to the office every day, are the catalyst behind The Branding Agency’s success.

With this, I want to introduce you to one of the newest assets at The Branding Agency.

John Laurie is our new Senior Digital Marketing Strategy Partner, and we couldn’t be more excited about the marketing prowess he brings to the team.

We are thrilled to have the wisdom of a powerhouse like John on our team and can’t wait to see the great gains he can bring to your business.

Check out the Q&A below with John Laurie and get to know this newest face on The Branding Agency team.


When and why did you decide to join The Branding Agency Team?

I joined The Branding Agency’s intake team in September of 2019.  I’d spent several years in the “big box marketing” space, and I was tired

of feeling like I was unable to deliver results for my clients. While researching boutique marketing firms in the Charlotte area, I found

The Branding Agency on LinkedIn – I started as soon as I could!


What excites you most about joining The Branding Agency?

I’m excited to work with a company that can deliver real results. Online marketing is technical and complex, and there is no “one size fits

all” option that can get clients a good return on their investment. I really enjoy working with our team here – and knowing that each client

that I bring in will be treated well and see appreciable results!


What led you into digital marketing? 

I stumbled into it! I’d originally planned on working in radio and television, but I saw that traditional media was becoming less and less

effective every year. I also discovered that most small businesses can’t afford TV and radio ads; I enjoy working with solopreneurs, so

digital marketing was the obvious step.


What’s your favorite part about being a digital marketer? 

Helping small business owners achieve goals – period, hands down, case closed. I’ve been a small business owner, and I know how challenging

it can be to keep your company afloat in a competitive market. I love knowing that – in a very real sense – I’m helping those owners keep the

dream alive by significantly increasing the number of new customers and clients walking through their doors.


What have your previous roles taught you that you think will be helpful for your new role at The Branding Agency? 

They’ve taught me what I don’t want. My prior experience in digital marketing was a “big box” agency with one account manager for every

250 accounts. Most companies in the digital marketing space exist to produce profit for the owners and shareholders; the clients are a distant

afterthought. As The Branding Agency continues to grow, we have a North Star to stay focused on – don’t be like that!


Describe your perfect day at work! 

Any day that I get a progress report from a client’s campaign is a good day. Their numbers keep on climbing, and I keep on smiling. It really

does feel good to help!


What do you like to do for fun? 

I’m a jack of all hobbies. I enjoy hunting and fishing, live theater and music, and mentoring young men in the Charlotte community.




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