Home Improvement Guide – Buying or Selling a Home

by | Aug 20, 2018

If you are selling your home and want to attract buyers, what are the main things you should do to rehab your home without breaking the bank?


It is important to understand that buyers look for location, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, age of the house, appliances, roof, A/C unit/heat and the overall size of the home.  These items are very important to buyers. But, you can’t change the location, but you can change the number of bedrooms, number of baths, appliances, and some tips in how to rehab your home without spending a fortune.


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One of the most important rooms in your home is the kitchen.  It’s important that the kitchen have plenty of room to cook. If your kitchen is small, you can still make it attractive to buyers by making it look nice.

First, declutter your kitchen.  The more stuff you have on your counters and magnets on the refrigerator, the smaller your kitchen looks.  So, put away your appliances that sit on the counter, and put away the magnets on the refrigerator, and put away anything else that sits on your counters.

After you have decluttered your kitchen, give it a fresh coat of paint.  Lipstick and rouge go a long way to make something ordinary look extraordinary.  Pick a neutral color and paint the walls and maybe even your cabinets.

While you are painting your kitchen, you may want to install a backsplash.  There are inexpensive ways to add a backsplash that look amazing. You don’t have to install tile; rather you can use tin metal backsplash that you can purchase at Home Depot.  They come in a variety of colors and patterns, and they are very easy to install.

Some other inexpensive ideas to rehab your kitchen without remodeling is to change the kitchen faucet, change the hardware on your cabinets, add some flowers, install a new light fixture, or pendent lighting, or stain or paint your floors.

There are a few other items that you can do to your kitchen to improve the look, but they are a little more expensive, but they are worth noting.

The first one is to replace your appliances.  Not everyone does this, and it’s rarely done, but if your appliances are old, consider replacing them.

The second one is to install granite or quartz countertops.  Upgrading your countertop makes a huge difference. You may even want to consider replacing your sink; undermount sinks are in and they look amazing.

A great local resource in Charlotte, NC for granite countertops is Fireplace & Granite Countertops of Charlotte They have been installing countertops in the Carolinas for over 18 years.  In addition to granite, they carry quartz countertops and marble countertops.

After the kitchen, most buyers are interested in the bathrooms.  They want to see clean, new fresh bathrooms. If your master bath doesn’t have two sinks, be sure to install two sinks.  Even if the sinks are close to one another, they can still be used at the same time.



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Your master bath should also have a nice shower, and if there’s room, a nice tub.  It’s not so important that your shower be tiled, a clean fiberglass shower will most likely suit your buyer.  If you have a shower curtain that’s old and worn out, replace it with a new one. This is an easy and cheap upgrade that will make a world of a difference to your bathroom.  Be sure to buy a neutral color shower curtain, not a wild pattern. Always use neutral colors in your upgrades because you will attract more buyers.

If your bathroom has carpeting, consider removing it and replacing it with tile.  If you cannot afford tile, then you can get some awesome laminate or vinyl flooring that looks great, is easy to clean and is waterproof.  Choose a top-quality vinyl sheet instead of the squares that will show the seams and possibly allow water to seep under. Other flooring options are bamboo floors, cork flooring, or wood laminate flooring.

So those are some ideas to improve and upgrade your kitchen and bathroom without spending a lot.  Hopefully you can use a few of the ideas mentioned above that will make a big difference to prospective buyers.

We hope you sell your home quickly!

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