Finding business success during COVID-19: Digital marketing makes a difference

by | Jul 13, 2020

With today’s health concerns and economic instability, there are a lot of uncertainties facing consumers and business owners alike. And, despite understandable anxiety in the wake of this  “new normal” we’re all adjusting to, there may be a surprising silver lining.

Businesses have an opportunity to scale-up their existing sales and services by creating or revitalizing their online presence. More than ever, consumers are looking online for safe shopping options or ways to access services they need, day-to-day. And, for savvy businesses with an online presence, this can translate into valuable new opportunities to connect with potential customers.

A shift in marketing focus

Online marketing and sales have been growing for several years. But, since COVID-19 started moving through the United States earlier this spring, we’ve seen a swift expansion and evolution.


Businesses that are surviving are those who are looking closely at their consumers and implementing new ways to serve their changing needs. And doing so while keeping both their employees and customers safe. For example, restaurants and shops have pivoted to offer more online ordering and digital sales for deliveries or curbside pickup options. Some companies are transitioning to remote working models. And others that currently aren’t able to host or attend trade shows, events, or conferences have gone digital with virtual webinars and interactive meetings.


Person-to-person interactions may be happening less, but businesses can still personalize and cater to their customers in impactful and important ways. The marketing landscape is indeed changing, but digital platforms offer a host of quick ways to adjust and accommodate.


Making it work for you

If you’re already managing a digital marketing plan—you’re on the right track. And, if you’ve not yet set a digital marketing plan into motion, this is the perfect time to start.


Some good ways to set your business up for online success through the pandemic and beyond include:


  • Connecting with customers in new ways

The main purpose of any solid digital marketing strategy is to seek out ways to capture traffic and direct consumers to your business’ website or social media pages. By engaging your target audience in these ways, you’ll be on a solid path to convert them to leads—and make that final sale.


With digital marketing, you have an added advantage in today’s market: You’re able to social distance with online options—and you’re immune to COVID-19 risks. That’s a bonus for you and your customers.


  • Using tools to reach them where and when they need you most

Another advantage of online marketing is that you have an opportunity to add several highly beneficial tools to your marketing toolbox. Three powerful tools you can leverage include:

  1. SEO, or search engine optimization, is essential to getting your web presence noticed. And, if you’re already optimized, don’t forget to implement regular “check-ups” to stay on top of current keyword trends. (When optimized correctly, potential customers will be able to better find you when typing in keywords related to your business and services.)
  2. Boosting your social media or blogging presence can also help get the word out regarding your online business. Integral digital marketing tools, a good social media presence and keyword-heavy blog will help drive more traffic to your site and bring in more leads.
  3. Finally, location SEO citations are another important way to get your online business noticed. Think of local SEO citations as the inner circle on a target. SEO helps customers get close to the bull’s eye—and local citations bring them within the innermost circles. Beyond just keyword optimization, local SEO citations include your address and phone number, providing another avenue through which you can reach customers.


Align with a marketing pro, to help you manage the heavy lifting

We know you’re busy. And with today’s market instabilities, you’re no doubt concerned, too. Partnering with a professional marketer can help you gain access to the tools mentioned above. Plus, give you a direct line to an experienced team who can help you make the right decisions to keep your business running—and get your name and services in front of new clients.


The Branding Agency is your advocate during these trying times. We’re here to help small business owners like you build strength and excel in the months and years ahead.


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