Simple pleasures in life…..COFFEE, the first cup ritual each morning is pure pleasure. 15 minutes designated alone each morning as I collect my thoughts. I hardly ever rush it…..sip then sit, sip then sit, silence as my brain starts to work. In a matter of minutes my work day resonates, it takes shape mentally, now I have clarity & structure for a productive day.



Could I ever mess with perfection, let me introduce you to pure Coffe Nirvana, Nitro Cold Brewed Coffee. Hell yesss…..thank me later for the introduction.
Nitro cold brew coffee, is cold brew coffee charged with nitrogen to give it a rich, creamy head, similar to nitro draft beer like Guinness.

You’re never going to find it at the McDonalds drive-thru, most Starbucks locations don’t even serve it……but why not??

I turned to Jimmy Kleto, owner of Coffee Central Co in Charlotte, NC and Logan Dugger Coffee Central Co’s head barista to share what makes Cold Brew unique to regular brews.



During my visit Logan shared 8 secrets about Nitro Cold Brewed Coffee

  1. The Roast – The coffee we use is Honduras Finca Mogola roasted to our order by Joe Van Gogh Coffee Roasters in Hillsborough, NC.
  1.  The Brew – What makes the Cold Brew unique to regular brews is that no hot water ever touches the ground coffee. It’s all cold water. This brewing process eliminates the bitterness of the coffee as opposed to the old way of brewing hot coffee and chilling it.
  1.  How is it made – We brew the Cold Brew in 5 gallon batches overnight for 14 hours and then keg it in the morning.
  1.  How is it served – It is served via a single tap system poured over ice or without. Most customers take it to go but we also offer it in house in pint glasses
  1.  How much is made –  Depending on the volume of the day, each location will go through at least one 5 gallon keg a day. During the summer it can be at least 2 kegs per day.
  1.  Where can I get some – Both Central Coffee locations in Plaza Midwood and Southend have Cold Brew on draft.
  1.  How long have you been brewing it –  Central Coffee was the first coffee shop in Charlotte to offer Cold Brew on a nitro draft back in 2012.
  1.  Can I take some home – We were the first coffee shop in Charlotte to bottle and sell our cold brew. It’s sold in house at each location and around town in neighborhood markets like Laurel Market and in bottle shops such as Salud and The Hop Shop.



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