So, who are the best and top real estate agents in Charlotte, NC?


Well, the work has already been done by several websites.  Below is a list of 10 websites you can use to find your top real estate agents, based on your needs (buying or selling, or both), your location, your price point, and other relevant factors.

The list below is not in any order.  We have not derived any income, gifts or compensation to generate this list and we are not affiliated with any of them.  We simply did the work for you and scoured the internet looking for these websites.


Most of these websites work the same, but the results may differ.


So, you are SELLING your home?  Wonderful! You will need to know what type of property you are selling – from single-family home, condominium, townhouse, vacant lot, commercial or other.


Not all real estate agents are right for you.  A lot of real estate agents nowadays specialize – some focus on single family homes only, while others focus on condominiums, or commercial properties.  So, it’s essential that you find the right real estate agent and the best one to meet your needs.


Next, the site will ask you to provide the approximate value of the property you want to sell.  Remember, this is an approximation and is necessary so the right real estate agent can be found for you.  If you don’t know what the price range is, provide the best range. This is not a test, there’s no right or wrong answer.  A good starting point would be…what did you pay for it? And go from there….


The final listing price of your property should be discussed with your real estate agent and that should be done only after you have received comparable values.


Real estate comps are performed by real estate agents and appraisers.  They typically research the values of properties that are currently on the market and others that have recently sold in the past that are similar to your piece of property and come up with an appropriate value for your property.


Ok, so once you have entered enough information for the site with regards to your proposed sale, the sites will provide you with a list of best local realtors from which you can compare, pick and choose.


What about buying?


Well, if you’re looking to BUY (instead of sell) a piece of property, these sites are also very helpful in locating the best local real estate agent for your purchase.


As with the selling of a piece of property, questions will be asked with regards to the purchase of a piece of property – All of the sites will want to know where, when and how much you want to spend, mortgage/no mortgage, and your name and a way to contact you.


All in all, these website are easy to use and will provide you with the best and top real estate agents in Charlotte, NC.


So, here is the LIST of the 10 best websites to find the best and top real estate agents in Charlotte, NC.




The list above is not comprehensive, and certainly there are other websites available that offer similar findings.  For the most part, the real estate agent community is vast, and what better way to find one of the best local realtors through an online search through one of the above websites.


And, it is always a good idea to speak with a few real estate agents before you hire one.


Happy Real Estate Agent hunting!


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